Why i want to pursue a career in mechanical engineering

I am doing my mechanical engineering in India. I want to pursue my carrier in engineering design.?

Additionally, there is much room for growth and advancement within the industry, so you can further your career easily. You need to commit upfront and remember that commitment when the going gets tough further down the road.

Anyway, I initially intended to take up Physics, but my parents didn't allow it.

Why did you become an engineer?

The American Petroleum Institute predicts that more thannew jobs in upstream engineering will be created by the year The PE after your name is an advantage that will open doors for the rest of your life. I have found how exciting it is to learn from people in other disciplines and to look at science from other perspectives.

The contributions of scientists and engineers already extend beyond research and development and throughout the realms of teaching, business, industry, and government. This deeper understanding also allowed me to explain apparently impossible phenomenon like irreversible de-mixing of two different types of gas molecules is possible when coupled with expansion I leave you with a final note.

Happened with me as well. There are sometimes exceptions to this rule, though, so you can get around this by finding companies who consciously seek candidates with advanced degrees and have the budget set aside for that.

Some have specific goals: Seide feels that it was important to focus on science for its own sake while working toward her PhD. But I found it very interesting field.

It could be the deciding factor between you and another candidate, because it demonstrates your ability to juggle multiple tasks especially if you were working full-time while obtaining your degree and see a goal or project through to completion.

Can a client expect good protection for the life of the patent. There are no shortage of college graduates with business degrees, with the same basic skillsets.

Agricultural engineering With the rapid evolution of the agritech industry, agricultural engineering is a very exciting route to take. They are forming global communities of common interests that transcend the differences among individuals, corporate endeavors, or nations. Which path do you want to take.

Not everyone has the perseverance to complete years of concentrated study. I just have no idea how to go about this.

Essay on Why I Chose Civil Engineering

September 26, Why mechanical engineering is better Why a degree in mechanical engineering is a better choice for students. And many people will be willing to help you along the way and assist you over difficult hurdles as you gain the confidence to think and work independently.

If you choose today to pursue ME, you will get exposure to a very diverse field and as you take more classes you will develop a passion for one or two topics and you get to pursue your passion. That was 6 years ago and actually today I am still learning to code and can tell you that being able to code will make you a VERY good mechanical engineer.

Why did you choose HR ? why do want to make your career in HR?

The only thing I feel really passionate about is writing. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Biomedical engineering Biomedical engineering includes the design of devices, instrumentation or processes for clinical use.

Why did you decide to pursue engineering?

Because of the high demand for workers and the highly specialized nature of the work, salaries in upstream engineering are very high.

An administrator will review the post and remove it from the site if they agree. Over the past few decades, mechanical engineering degree has raised its value and demand among aspirants and no decline has yet been seen in reputation and scope of mechanical engineering degree.

Ultimately, it will be up to you to consider what works best for your personal circumstances, but most mechanical engineers will find the payoffs are greater than the costs.

Careers in science and engineering are essentially hope-filled endeavors that can improve people's lives and result in knowledge that all people can share. Agricultural engineers could design agricultural machinery, equipment and structures.

If this topic intrigues you or you still have questions, you can discuss the pros and cons of obtaining an advanced engineering degree in the Jobs and Career Opportunities forum on GrabCAD Groups.

Someone who works with physical materials. There are many students who wish to change their field of work after they graduate. I was obsessed with finding out about entropy during high school, because like everyone who has studied thermodynamics, I found that entropy is an apparently strange entity, which behaves counter-intuitively and i wanted to read more about it.

What do they find most satisfying and most disagreeable. Some choose careers in science or engineering because they are curious about the natural world. HR-Human Resources. As per my view to be a good HR person we need to have excellent interpersonal skills, good friendly attitude, decision making skills etc.

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The first why might bring an answer - "Better Career" Or "More Money". Then ask yourself Why do you want that better career or more money.

one question that has been asked constantly is why engineering graduates want to. I don't want to be an engineer anymore. Now what? Career change advice? What other career options do I have with an engineering degree? Any advice is greatly appreciated. 35 comments; share; save; hide.

I'm studying mechanical engineering now and it feels right thing to do. Mechanical Engineering is one of the liveliest branch/field you will ever encounter. It is vast, really vast as many engineering branches had been carved out from it like Automobile, aerospace, aeronautical, Production and Manufacturing.

This is the reason why we find mechanical engineers almost in every sector, be it sales, engineering, and even management.

What type of engineer do you want to be?

The knowledge of mechanical engineers is based on science and math. They are also taught about fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, product design, and.

Eventually i want my own engineering shop although i have other things i need to do first:) So I selected Engineering as my career. Now I am very happy to be an Engineer. Working to get good name in Automotive Industries. Upvote 2 P i neva knew why i took mechanical engineering but two things i love are engineering graphics and CAD.

Why i want to pursue a career in mechanical engineering
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What type of engineer do you want to be?